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Our team is composed of Professionals with experience obtained through work in the most representative Japanese Manufacturing Companies.

Consultant List

ITO, Akihiro

ITO, Akihiro(Hirayama Co.)

Process improvement consultant

He worked for JIT Institute, Tokyo for 20 years.( JIT: Just In Time). During this period, he has learned Just In Time philosophy and method of improvement of productivity in manufacturing plant. Continuously he has been engaged in effective introduction process of Production Management System to small and medium enterprise and even big enterprise.


KAKIZAWA, Kouichi(Ricoh Co.)

Ricoh Co. - Quality Control Divison Introduced Toyota Production System in Ricoh after training for five years in Motomachi Plant of Toyota Motor Co.

Implemented TPS and Kaizen in food product companies and medical devices companies. Quality control improvement, Shojinka, Production improvement, Cost reduction are his area of specialty.


KOSAKA, Zenji(Toyota Motor Corporation, Shinmei Co. Ltd.)

At Toyota Motor Corporation KOSAKA, he held a managerial position in both Machinery and Production Administration Departments of Honsha (head office) plant. He also served as Deputy Plant Manager. Later at Shinmei Co., Ltd., he was Vice President and President, and then Honorary Chairman.

He was trained by Mr. Taichi OHNO, a pioneer of TPS (Toyota Production System), from the system's infancy and had the opportunity to put the theory into practice. To KOSAKA, who continues to pursue the principles of TPS, the driving force of 'Kaizen' (continuous improvement) has always been people. His motto goes like this - "if you want someone to work, show him how to do it, explain it, let him try it, and don't forget to praise him if he does a good job". He is also an expert in machining and assembly.

IKEMOTO, Kouichi

IKEMOTO, Kouichi(Toyota Motor Corporation, TOYOTA Auto Body Co., Ltd.)

IKEMOTO was Manager of Production Technology Department at Toyota Motor Corporation. He later became Vice-President of TOYOTA Auto Body Co., Ltd.

A TPS specialist. He specialises in press dies and press production technology. He provided guidance in various manufacturing processes including pressing, welding and assembly at affiliated companies and his experience with press die factories is very extensive.

HAYASHIDA, Hiromitsu

HAYASHIDA, Hiromitsu(Toyota Motor Corporation, Horie Metal Co., Ltd.)

HAYASHIDA was Manufacturing Manager and Deputy General Manager at Tahara Plant while at Toyota Motor Corporation. He then held a position of Director at Gifu Body Industry Co., Ltd and of Executive Director at Horie Metal Co., Ltd.

A TPS specialist. His expertise lies with welding and assembly technology. He promotes Kaizen (continuous improvement) that comprehensively encompasses entire factory operations including procurement and production control. He is well-versed in giving advice to different types of factories and plants.


KITAMURA, Toae(Toyota Motor Corporation, Aichi Rikuun Co., Ltd. )

KITAMURA held a position as Vice-Chief of Production Control Department and of Materials Distribution Planning Department at Toyota Motor Corporation. He is Director at Aichi Rikuun Co., Ltd.

He is an expert of Toyota's distribution system. He played a very active role in construction and improvement of the system in various distribution areas stretching from on-site distribution, distribution between factories, procurement, delivery to overseas operations. Armed with invaluable know-how, KITAMURA has been very successful as consultant to distribution warehouses, shops, airports, etc.


MINEGISHI, Susumu(Toyota Motor Corporation)

MINEGISHI was Chief Foreman of Honsha (head office) Plant of Toyota Motor Corporation.

He is a real professional who shouldered the weight of the assembly lines of Honsha (head office) Plant. His no-nonsense, uncompromising attitude towards goings-on on the shop floor has earned him respect and many followers. He is busy as a technical training group trainer and is dedicated to various on-site education and training programs including Toyota Production System.

FUJII, Mitsuru

FUJII, Mitsuru(Toyota Motor Corporation)

FUJII was Chief Foreman of Honsha (head office) Plant of Toyota Motor Corporation.

He is another true professional who knows the factory shop floor like the palm of his hand. He was responsible for the smooth running of the assembly lines of Honsha Plant. His passion for the shop floor is second to none. He is a technical training group trainer and is busy working on various on-site education and training programs including Toyota Production System.

ISHIGAKI, Tadamasa

ISHIGAKI, Tadamasa(Toyota Motor Corporation, )

ISHIGAKI was Chief Foreman of Honsha (head office) Plant of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Toyota Motor Co. Main Plant - Assembling Section of Chassis Manufacturing Department , plant's Truck production and assembly division Chief. Special Vehicles (Mega Cruiser, LPG Coaster) Group. Main plant assembly work place main chief.

MORI, Tadashi

MORI, Tadashi(Toyota Motor Corporation)

MORI was Chief Foreman of Takaoka Plant of Toyota Motor Corporation.

The veteran craftsman who supported a painting department of the Takaoka factory in the front line. There is an experience as an assessor of the Plant Basics Requirements (PMR) of TMMC (Toyota Canada). He is busy working on various on-site education and training programs as a trainer of Toyota Production System. Also has plenty of Kaizen experiences as a consulting TR of the other corporations.

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