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Our team is composed of Professionals with experience obtained through work in the most representative Japanese Manufacturing Companies.

Consultant List

HORI, Junji

HORI, Junji(Toyota Motor Corporation, )

Toyota Motomachi Plant Designer Division Chief, Toyota Plant Director (VIETNAM)

Experience in implementation Cycle Time, Defective, Machinery Set up, Assembly line set up , inventory and Lead time.

ORITO, Tsutomu

ORITO, Tsutomu(Toyota Motor Corporation, Fujitsu Ten )

Toyota Motor Co.- Headquarters Factory Production Control Dept. Manager Fujitsu Ten Ltd. – Production Control Dept. / Logistics Dept. Dept. Manager

Expertise: Shortening of the production lead time, Product/Parts inventory reduction, reduced transport costs, suppression of unhealthy waste. Extensive improvement activities and achievements on factories in Japan and Overseas Expert in improvement on Logistics and Production Control (including Kanban methods).


NAKAGAWA, Minoru(Toyota Motor Corporation)

Toyota Motor Co. - responsible for the Sectorial Education Training System. Plant trainer and Team leader. Director of Plants in South America and Coordinator of TPS in United States.

Areas of expertise: improvement of work and productivity (efficiency) , Quality and safety improvement.

TANIYAMA, Masahiro

TANIYAMA, Masahiro(Toyota Motor Corporation, )

Toyota Motor Co. Main Plant Machinery and Engineering Division

Specialized in all areas of automobile processing unit. Expertise in Tools design, Tools optimization, work control, etc.


YOSHIKAWA, Tateo(Toyota Motor Corporation)

TQM Promotion Office and deputy director of Toyota Main Plant Areas of Expertise:

Manufacturing practice of human resource development education based on the Toyota Production System to improve the quality and cost reduction and productivity improvement. Education of employees to company policy, field practice. Production, costs and quality (5S) · safety.


NAKATANI, Eiji(Toyota Motor Corporation, KYB corporation)

Toyota Motor Corporation Motomachi factory quality management department Headquarter factory, Chassis Manufacturing Department, procurement department, Toyota Australia quality assurance group, KYB corporation factory vice-chief

In charge of quality management of vehicles and unit parts, and "safety, quality, productivity, new product setup" in the shah manufacturing department. In addition, carried out quality instructions for the vendor, and preparation activities for production of purchased parts.

KOSEKI, Tsuyoshi

KOSEKI, Tsuyoshi()

Toyota Motor Corporation, a manager of assembling section in Lexus producing department, Tahara Factory

In charge of setting up the productions of Corolla, Soarer, and Supra, Trial manufacture examination, Process formation, and Regular production. Later, transferred to the Production Department of Lexus, the luxurious vehicle, and kept the customers' satisfaction No.1 for 16 years straight (evaluated by JD power corp.), achieved the quality with his subordinates. Specialized in...

①Creating standardized work, Preparation for manufacturing, Zone control, Defect measures, Procedures for searching rot causes, Standard in-process stock

②Daily management of process, Proceeding cost reduction, Self-maintenance and Planned maintenance, Way of the work training, Process formation

③Utilization of Kanban, Order-based supply of the parts, changeover improvement

④Human Development "How to handle people, how to teach work, overall TPS"

ABE, Takao

ABE, Takao(Kanto Auto Works)

Manufacturing Department Painting Section, Headquarter Manufacturing research section

As a human development by Toyota production system, carried out ①Whole company education ②Trainers instruction ③Job training for first-year-employees of technical jobs ④First-line-directors course ⑤Education for vendors and cooperative companies.


TAKEUCHI, Toshio(Tokai Rika Co., Ltd.)

A TPS specialist. TAKEUCHI is involved in Kaizen (continuous improvement) operations of vehicle component factories/plants and is extremely skilled in giving advice to assembly and machining workshops. TAKEUCHI puts a lot of effort into personnel training with the principles of TPS at its core. He has a real talent when it comes to motivating people on the shop floor, no matter what industry. He has ample overseas experience and is excellent at TPS and 5S seminars.


TERASAKI Akashi(Manager of Production, Hitachi Co., Executive, Kokusan Denki Co. Ltd., CEO, Kokusan Tech Co. Ltd.)

Manager of Production, Hitachi Co., Executive, Kokusan Denki Co. Ltd., CEO, Kokusan Tech Co. Ltd.

TERASAKI was the specialist and leader of TPS (Toyota Production System) in Hitachi group. He had experienced TPS application on the subsidiary of Hitachi in China, Korea, India and other JV's. Beside the TPS education, he also plays a leading role of technical development and planning of a factory equipment.

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