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Our team is composed of Professionals with experience obtained through work in the most representative Japanese Manufacturing Companies.

Consultant List


TERASAKI Akashi(Manager of Production, Hitachi Co., Executive, Kokusan Denki Co. Ltd., CEO, Kokusan Tech Co. Ltd.)

Manager of Production, Hitachi Co., Executive, Kokusan Denki Co. Ltd., CEO, Kokusan Tech Co. Ltd.

TERASAKI was the specialist and leader of TPS (Toyota Production System) in Hitachi group. He had experienced TPS application on the subsidiary of Hitachi in China, Korea, India and other JV's. Beside the TPS education, he also plays a leading role of technical development and planning of a factory equipment.

IWATA, Katsumi

IWATA, Katsumi(Hitachi Construction Machinery)

Hitachi Construction Machinery, Design Development/ Produciing technology/ Manufacturing/ Director of Producing Management Department

Engaged in designing development of the first domestic oil pressure shovel and in charge of the hydraulic machinery.

In the manufacturing department, constructed the most advanced factories and implemented producing facilities. Also, engaged in a construction of the most suitable layout through the processing to assembling of hydraulic machineries and the slowdown machines. Implemented VE, TPM, and JIT producing system. In the producing management department, planning mid-term to long term plans, inspecting abilities along with the demand prediction, constructing producing system, producing plan process management, and the method to deal with customers.

OKUBO, Kazuo

OKUBO, Kazuo(Bosch Company)

Production Engineering Department responsible in Automobile components manufacturing plant.

Assembling line design as well process rationalization and optimization planning and execution. Design and execution planning of low cost automation facilities. Implementation of Kaizen and Restructuration of 130 lines at approximately 50 companies.

OBATA, Kenji

OBATA, Kenji(Bosch Company)

Responsible for Production Engineering Department in Automobile components Factory

Process design, Planning Design for improvement of production lines. Awarded TPM (Toyota Production Management) implementations, with proofed cost reduction and machinery optimization.

SAWADA, Ken-ichi

SAWADA, Ken-ichi(Sony Corp.)

Sony Corp.

SAWADA puts into practice clean air technology, quality control and, moreover, manufacturing process improvement that should be controlled within the semiconductor manufacturing process (LED, CRD, LCE, SC wafer, etc.) He is a BCM (Business Continuity Management) as well as ISO9001 certificate acquisition expert.

YAGI, Motoi

YAGI, Motoi(USUI Co., Ltd)

USUI Co., Ltd(Motor Vehicle parts) Toi plant(Plastic molding plant)Plant manager, Production section Director

In USUI CO., Ltd, experienced 6 years for a chief in the designing department, 4 years as the plastic molding plant manager. After that, dealed with auto manufacturers as the quality management director, and instructed a QC circle, promoting QC 7 devices education in the corporation. Then, Nirayama plant, one of the main plants, he improved productivity as the plant manager. As the headquarter planning director, he implemented a whole company production system (Toyota production System). Experienced local producing factory setting up in the North America and Thailand.

OBARA, Shigeyuki

OBARA, Shigeyuki(RICOH)

RICOH Production Engineering Department

In RICOH, he implemented the Kaizen (improvement) education to the managers and the employees. Perform the improvement activities by himself at the actual work-site. After that, transferred to the Consulting department for companies outside RICOH, and carried out Worksite Diagnosis and Consulting for the varieties of industries. Specialized in varieties of industries, to regularize the improvement of work-sites, to develop improvement Key-man through the improvement activities, and to improve qualities, to improve productivity and to shorten a lead-time.

Specialized in , Regardless of a type of industry, establish work-site improvement and realize shortening through an improvement activity in improvement keyman upbringing and quality improvement, productivity improvement, lead time.


KUNIHIRO, Takeshi(Nippon Steel)

Nippon Steel

Nippon Steel - iron manufacture equipment maintenance system and the introduction of online system experience. Promotion of personnel required rationalization plan development and practice in Steel sheet, Plate, and Wire rod factory. In addition, management evaluation and diagnosis (cost price, the personnel required, equipment check) of affiliated group companies.

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YUNOKI, Minoru(Mitsubishi Pharma)

Responsible for factory engineering works section, packing section, preparation section, a Development Section.

1) Production control and improvement activity in the whole factory which contained procurement 2) Packing design (including the prevention of adequacy of the packing, the excessive packing design) 3) Improvement of the packing-related line 4) Wrapping materials improvement


INOTSUME, Tokuzou(Taisho Pharmaceutical)

Taisho Pharmaceutical - Head office Design Department

1)Design of pharmaceutical products, indication, wrapping
2)Drugs, Cosmetics and Medical Instruments Act law implementation
3)Preventive measures against medical accidents with pharmaceutical products
4)Reduction in cost of wrapping materials

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