Improvement example of aluminum processing factory, Company A

Business Aluminum processing
Country / Company size Japan / About 200 employees
Business features ・Ultra-short delivery time for same-day orders and next-day shipping
・Sales of multi products more than 2,000 varieties of small products

Improve production efficiency for ultra-short delivery production

Result Productivity increased 30% and resulted in profit increase.

Company A handles more than 2,000 kinds of products, but the performance of the products is not much different from other companies. While management believes that improving production efficiency is an important issue, the shop floor operators are busy with the production of different products that they do not know until the day. They are dissatisfied with the inefficiency, but they couldn't start improvement activity.

First, grasp the current situation

They respond to customers who want to be delivered tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and manufacture products in order. Due to poor production efficiency, working hours on the day were not known in advance and labor management was also affected. First, in order to grasp the overall current situation, from ordering to shipping, we used a stopwatch and video shooting to measure the working time and amount of work for each work process.

Optimize processes of uneven production capacity

From the results of the analysis of the situation, problems were clarified such as the fact that various processes had overburden, fluctuation, and waste, and operator's work capability and the work progress were not grasped. While making improvements little by little, we set up ideal model lines and standardized uneven processes.

~Contents of improvement~

Eliminating of wastes
Visualization of work progress
Leveling of the work
Training for operators

Introduction of system

In particular, we focused on "visualization of work progress" and implemented improvement activities. After eliminating wastes and creating an ideal model line and realizing labor saving, we introduced a logistics management system to ensure traceability.

As a result, we succeeded in further labor savings and achieved an optimization of inventory.


Akihiro-Ito.jpgIto Akihiro

Akihiro Ito is active on the front line as a shop floor improvement consultant. He has improved a wide variety of large and medium-sized shop floors of over 300 companies in more than 12 countries in Japan and overseas, and has solved the problems of each shop floor every time. Based on his experience working on the production control system, he implements improvement activities in all processes of a factory such as sales, materials, production control, manufacturing, and outsourcing. In addition, he implements the improvement activities together with the people at the shop floor, make the culture of shop floor improvement rooted in the company, and realize quality improvement, productivity improvement and lead time reduction.

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