Improvement of pharmaceuticals and medical products manufacturer, Company S

Company S requested our shop floor improvement consulting in order to reduce the manpower of processes as for countermeasures to solve shortages of manpower and to improve profits.
They aimed for a production system that reduces 20 workers in the entire factory.

Industry Pharmaceutical and medical products
Country / Company size Japan / About 280 employees
Purpose of the activity √ Reduce manpower
√ Make a habit of improvement activity

Step 1 - TPS Seminar

√ Toyota Production System
√ Just in time
√ Autonomation (Jidoka)
√ Standardization
√ 7 wastes
After the seminar, operators conducted a survey of the current situation by themselves based on the guidance.

Step 2 - Survey of current situation

One of the purpose of this project is to make a habit of improving the shop floor by operators themselves so that they can work easily.
We respected opinions of operators and implemented the improvement activity reflected them.

Opinions of operators
  • Parts are placed at far place
  • Tools are placed at far place
  • Parts are difficult to be picked up
  • Work space is sometimes not available
  • Is double-inspection really necessary?
  • Too much work to input work results
  • Is it possible to change difficult operation more easy?
  • Position of PC is too low to see

Step 3 - Eliminate wastes and review standardized work

As indicated by the large number of inspection personnel and the double-inspection, the whole factory was in a low awareness of "Ensuring quality at manufacturing shop floor". Inspection was changed to be done by operators in change of the work, and when a problem occurred, the cause was investigated and measures were taken to prevent recurrence. Besides, the double-inspection was eliminated.
In addition, the layout was changed to the one considered by the operators themselves, with emphasis on thorough elimination of wastes in motion and transport and a continuous flow of work.
We also reviewed the standardized work.

√ After the layout change, work space has been reduced by 50%.
√ Succeeded in reduction of 21 workers.


Shigeyuki_Obara.jpgShigeyuki Obara

At Ricoh, he implemented improvement education for managers and general employees. He proactively stayed at shop floor and implemented improvement activities. After that, he was transferred to a consulting section for external companies, and conducted shop floor diagnosis and consulting for various industries.
As areas of specialty, regardless of the industry or business, he establishes shop floor improvements and realizes development of key personnel, improvement of quality and productivity, and reduction of lead time through the improvement activities

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