TPS introduction project for a surface treatment maker

We introduce a TPS introduction project for a surface treatment maker in Kunshan, China.

Introduction background

Our company's "TPS Intensive Improvement" significantly reduced their labor cost three years ago, so the management began to think about further improvement activities. As the next step, we started a project aimed at raising the level of shop floor capabilities by building a corporate culture of improvement through company-wide participation.

Project points

We aimed to "improve productivity and aggressiveness through the introduction of TPS that is easy to understand and can be implemented by anyone, and through theoretical improvement activities".

Project schedule of 4 months

1st month
2nd month

①Kick off

②TPS Improvement Basic Seminar
・Introduce the steps for TPS introduction
・What is "Overburden, Waste, and Fluctuation"?
・What is "12 wastes of motion and 8 major wastes of factory"?
・Concept of operation improvement
・Method of Time Study
・How to use the improvement document

③Survey of current situation and identify issues

① How to use the improvement document
・Improvement Potential Sheet
・Classification of wastes and Totalization sheet

② Opinion of process operator, etc. (other 11 kinds points)
・Summary of issues
・Consider improvement ideas

3rd month
4th month

① Consider and implement improvement ideas

② Study session for the improvement tool, "Creform"
・Introduction of use examples
・Notes on production
・How to use the Joint system
・Precautions when putting in the shop floor

① Implement the improvement

② Verification of effects
From the 4th month, they entered the phase of "Reviewing and implementation of the improvement ideas", and they created work trolleys and carts by themselves because they can realize the improvement ideas by themselves. The improvement members became more aggressive and worked on improving workability, eliminating wastes in delivery and storage, and reducing labor. The significant improvement effect has surprised managers and improvement members.

Photos of activity


Shigeyuki-ObaraShigeyuki Obara

At Ricoh, he implemented improvement education for managers and general employees. He proactively stayed at shop floor and implemented improvement activities. After that, he was transferred to a consulting section for external companies, and conducted shop floor diagnosis and consulting for various industries.
As areas of specialty, regardless of the industry or business, he establishes shop floor improvements and realizes development of key personnel, improvement of quality and productivity, and reduction of lead time through the improvement activities.

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