7 months TPS introduction project

We excerpt and introduce the case example and the improvement results of a surface treatment maker in Kunshan, China, which implemented the TPS introduction project for seven months.

Industry Surface treatment (Plating)
Country / Company size China / About 160 employees
Improvement period March - October, 2017 (7 months)
Activity contents ・Consulting:2 days a month

・Voluntary improvement:Once a week

・Create three teams for each line and practice "thorough eliminating of wastes".

Improvement results Improvement results of the first half

Improvement examples

Effect amount:1 million yuan / year (About 17 million yen)

ProcessBefore improvemenAfter improvementImprovement effectCost reduction
Assembly 7 person
630 min./ person
7*630=4410 min.
6 person
400 min./ person
6*400=2400 min.
Reduce 1 person
230 min./ person
4410-2400=2010 min.
2010 min.=33.5 hours
192960 yuan
Disassembly 19 person
72 min./ person
19*72=1368 min.
13 person
72 min./ person
13*72=936 min.
Reduce 6 person
1368-936=432 min.
432 min.=7.2 hours
41472 yuan
Remove and General inspections 11 person
630 min./ person
11*630=6930 min.
6 person
400 min./ person
6*400=2400 min.
Reduce 5 person
230 min./ person
6930-2400=4530 min.
4530分=75.5 hours
434880 yuan
Yield:85% Yield:95% 10000*10%=1000PCS 1000*1.64*1.5=
2460 yuan
708480 yuan

Improvement results of the second half

1:Improved layout of general inspection lines and eliminated waste of 264 seconds / pallet for delivery.

 Annual cost reduction:264 sec.*20 pallets/3,600 sec.=1.46hours*20 yuan*22 days*12 months=7,708 yuan

2:We changed the work procedures by changing the returnable box storage area for general inspections.

Assuming a production volume of 20 pallets/day,600 returnable boxes,

Annual cost reduction:20 pallets*96 sec.+600 boxes*9 sec.=7,320 sec./3,600 sec.=2.0 hours*20 yuan*22 days*12 months=10,718 yuan

Annual cost reduction amount was 18,426 yuan by the above two improvement items.

Improvement examples of Creform

Case example 1

Before improvement After improvement
イレクター 改善前.jpg イレクター 改善後.jpg
Paper was placed on the line, and there were 8 work assistance tables. Container for defects were placed underneath or next to the tables without fixed positions and it was messy. According to the work, we created assistance tables using Creform, and as shown in the picture, two operators used one, and we installed a total of four tables. They can put the paper, the boxes, and the container for defects in a fixed position. We realized easy operation and visualization of operation and unified the operation rules.

Case example 2

Before improvement After improvement
イレクター 改善前2.jpg イレクター 改善後2.jpg
As shown in the picture, the box is very unstable because the middle Creform is vertically assembled. By changing the vertical assembly to the horizontal assembly, the boxes became stable and could bear the weight.


Akihiro-Ito.jpgShigeyuki Obara

At Ricoh, he implemented improvement education for managers and general employees. He proactively stayed at shop floor and implemented improvement activities. After that, he was transferred to a consulting section for external companies, and conducted shop floor diagnosis and consulting for various industries.
As areas of specialty, regardless of the industry or business, he establishes shop floor improvements and realizes development of key personnel, improvement of quality and productivity, and reduction of lead time through the improvement activities.

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