Recommendation for Customized Manufacturing System Based on TPS

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Your own unique production system
Not all businesses can incorporate TPS with the following three pillars into their work place without modifications: JIT (Just-In-Time) and Jidoka (Automation), and Kanban (Index Card). It will be a pivotal decision to establish your own production system which takes into consideration the characteristic of your corporation while making a good use of the TPS way of thinking. If you could, to give you a few leads, build up your own unique production system based upon your rich experience of dealing with your clients and contractors, or within a manufacturing process that presupposes a lot of production, you would be guaranteed the emergence of a very strong manufacturing shop floor.


  • Expectation for Manufacturing Department
  • What a strong Manufacturing Department could bring about

2.The reason your own unique production system is necessary

3.Complete understanding of Toyota Production System (TPS)

  • TPS in a nutshell
  • Fundamental thinking of TPS
  • Logical thinking behind selling price, cost price and profit
  • Production system that puts customers first
  • Work which employees could feel worth doing
  • Aim of TPS
  • 2 main principles of TPS
  • Just-In-Time
  • Jidoka (Automation)
  • Muda (Waste) and Kaizen (Continuous Improvement)
  • Kanban (Index Card)
  • Direct role of Kanban
  • Types of Kanban
  • Examples of how Kanban is used
  • Effects of Kanban
  • Genchi Genbutsu-shugi ("Go and see yourself")
  • Maintenance and improvement
  • Leader and other members of production

4.Actual situation of introducing your own unique production system

  • Circumstance of your company
  • Strategy when introducing the system
  • Examples of system introduction
  • How to deal with different problems of clients and contractors
  • Streamlining of factories/plants consisting of multiple single processes
  • Making adjustments to Kanban functions (adding traceability)
  • Simplifying the Kanban system in the case of accepting outsourced products

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