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"Each Member is an Improvement Player"
It is important for the Monozukuri Management to maintain a certain level of
tension to achieve continuous improvement. To do so, management needs to continuously set
high goals, as well as build up a Full Participation structure in which "each member being an
kaizen(improvement) player" from management to front-line staff, uniting various vectors to face
the same direction.
If such system is allowed to continue, it leads to human resources development and continuous
expansion of the company, and results in appropriate profit.

1.At the beginning
・Q(Quality )C(Cost)D(delivery date/lead time)
+F(flexibility to changes) to secure competitiveness.
・Acquring Appropriate Profit - cost reduction activities.
・Genba(field)-Oriented management - The Three Key Factors(TPS/TPM/TQM) for Monozukuri
2.Building Foundation - Do Things Taken for Granted Without Fault.
・5S - Motivation fostered through execution.
・4M Control of Process Line. - (the 4 elements)
・Visualization and Culture Construction.

3. Detecting and Deleting Muda(Unnecessary) Tasks.
・Genba(field) check up and Observation. - The Gold Mine Detected by Observation skill.
・7 Major Muda(Unnecessary) Tasks.

4.The Origin of Toyota Production System
・Just In Time - Minimizing Inventory.
・Jidoka - automation with a human touch.

5.The Structure of Just-in-Time
・Levelled Production
・Continuous Flow Production and Tact Time Production.

6.Kanban System
・Kinds of kanban.
・Flow of kanban(information) and parts.
・Flow chart of parts and information.
・Setting numbers of kanban in circulation --- every month.

7.Activities to Minimize Inventories
・Inventory and retrieval times.
・Relation between lot sizes.
・Advantages of minimizing inventory.
・Reduction of Setup time.
・Decreasing Inventory by Increasing the Number of Setup Times.
・Improvement in Transportation - Reducing Transportation Size of Lot by Item.

8.Concept and Structure of Jidoka(Automation with a Human Touch)
・When handling machinery and equipment.
・When handling human operation.

9.Operational Improvement --- IE Method + Toyota Production System
・Principles of Motion Economy.
・Meaning of Standardized Work.
・Motion Analysis, Element Job Analysis.
・Standard Work Table.
・Standard Work Combination Table.
・The Line Balance Chart and its Usage.
・The Process Ability Chart --- The Equipment Prioritized Process.

10.Genba(field) Management(Daily Management) --- Malfunction and Normal Operation
・Efforts for Visualization --- division of roles and PDCA.
・Human Resources Development.
・Change-Point Control.

・Advancing continuous improvement.

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