Management Principles and Management System at Toyota Motors

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Learning from history
Toyota Production System is widely studied and implemented throughout the world and is fast becoming a true legacy in the world's manufacturing business. Contrary to the general consensus of its global appeal, there are a number of companies that did try to implement the TPS but failed to make it work for them. I dare ask these companies to go back to the beginning and consider this question: "What brought about the birth of Toyota Production System in the first place?". By familiarizing yourselves with its history and Toyota's management system, I assure you that the answer will soon become clear to you.

1.History of Toyota and transition of their management philosophy
・Up to the establishment of the company
・Period of business consolidation
・Period of wartime anguish
・Period of post-war reconstruction and financial crisis
・Period of preparation for a leap in the future
・Period of establishing commercial production
・Period of steady growth and globalization
・Period of entering the world markets
・Period of implementing basic philosophy
2.Total management system
・History of Total Quality Management (TQM)
・TQM operation system
・Policy management
・Daily management
・Kaizen activities of Production Department
・Implementation of TPS self-study group
・Characteristic of a Toyota administrator
・Influence of TPS outside Production Department
・Toyota's corporate climate

3.Personnel Training
・Fundamental thinking
・Three factors of personnel training
・Creating working environment that encourages employees' willingness
・Personnel and education system that supports employees and the work place
・Details of talent developing programme
・Details of new personnel system for technicians
・Personnel education setup
・Role of management
・How to train administrators

4.Introduction to Toyota Production System
・Background to the inception of Toyota Production System
・Current climate surrounding Toyota Production System
・Explanation of Toyota Production System
・How to introduce Toyota Production System

5.Toyota's strength
・Personnel and Labour Department
・Accounting and Financial Department
・Purchasing Department
・Sales Department
・Technology and Development Department
・Production technology and Manufacturing Department
・Total business management

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