Overview of TPS(Toyota Production System), Just-in-Time and "Jidoka(Automation with a Human Touch)"

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Seminar Contents

 1.The history of Monozukuri Manufacturing Method evolved through a "faster and more" philosophy.
 2.Is "faster and more" origin of monozukuri manufacturing?
 3.Monozukuri manufacturing must not Violate Natural Law.
  ・Products are not salable because we make it or since it was made.
  ・Products are worthwhile by being sold, acquiring customer satisfaction.
 4.Overview of Toyota Production System
  ・What is Just-in-Time production?
  The Basic rule for Just-in-Time Production.
  The Purpose of Just-in-Time production.
  The Reduction of Original Cost.
  ・What is "jidoka(automation with a human touch)"?
  In order to eliminate and get rid of "muda(waste)".
 5.The "8 "Muda(Wastes) Inherent in Production.
 6.The Purpose of Control and Supervision.
 ・What is controlling? What is supervising?
 7.Identifying "Malfunction in Process".
 8.What is 5S?
 ・Just-in-Time production can be utilzed when "5S" is established.
 9.What is meant by production?
10.Not so Difficult - Just-in-Time Production.
Eliminating jam-up, making the flow of the products shows new problems.
Synchronization makes know of the production flow problem.
Actions with Flow visualizes quality problems.

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